Engine Repairs with Weston Auto Services

We provide a wide range of engine repair services such as:
If ignored this can cause engine problems such as, overheating, blown head gasket or worst scenario causing the engine to seize.

In addition to the items above we can carry out many other engine-related repairs. Call us now for advice.

Head Gasket Replacement

If you’re looking for more than just engine repairs in Weston-Super-Mare we also offer other engine services including head gasket replacement.
Bring your vehicle to our garage, our technicians will carry out various diagnostic tests to isolate the problem. If your head gasket is found to be faulty and you authorise us to repair it, we will remove the cylinder head and have it skimmed flat. We will thoroughly clean and prepare all surfaces and refit the cylinder head with new gaskets, top up antifreeze and test everything before returning it to you.

Head Gasket Cylinder Head Reconditioning

These symptoms can point to problems with your cylinder head. Smoke through the exhaust pipe is commonly caused by worn-out valve stem seals, miss-fires can be caused by burnt-out valves or valve seats or defective valve lifters and tapping or knocking noise can also be caused by defective valve lifters or a worn camshaft.
Our cylinder head reconditioning service can rectify these problems and improve the cleanliness, quietness and overall performance of your engine.