Car brakes in Weston Super Mare

Looking for replace car brakes in Weston Super Mare? Keep the most important part of your car in tip top condition by booking in for a service today with Weston Auto Services.

It is not uncommon to find drivers who have neglected their brake pads which have eroded to the brink of failing to stop the car. Friction between the pad and the disc when braking can cause both parts to wear, and it is essential to have them regularly checked, and replaced when inefficient.

brakes in weston super mare

How to know when brakes need replacing?

The brakes on your vehicle are one of the most important components, therefore it's important to recognise when issues occur. While it's not always obvious, there are certain warning signs to look out for. These can include squealing noises, juddering, increased stopping distance and the vehicle may pull to one side.

Replacement brake pads and discs.

Correctly maintaining your brake discs and pads is vital to keeping your brakes safe and efficient. If they were to wear down excessively then your vehicle’s ability to brake quickly would be reduced and your braking distance will drastically increase. If you're unsure about the condition of your brakes you can bring your vehicle in for a free brake check.

Brake checks for your vehicle.

At the first sign of an issue, you should bring your vehicle in for a free brake check. If we identify an issue we can provide you with a Free quote for the repairs needed to ensure that your brakes are roadworthy. Furthermore, we can fit and repair braking systems for a wide range of makes and models.

Other services available

While your vehicle is in for a brake check or replacement pads, why not also book your vehicle in for its annual service. Furthermore, you can also book your vehicle in for its annual MOT test and a variety of other services.

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