Car Air Conditioning in Weston-Super-Mare

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We can Service both R134a & R1234yf Gas

At Weston Auto Services we offer car air conditioning in Weston-super-mare, providing two types of aircon regas. There are currently two types of aircon gas available on the market. R134a gas is common in vehicles manufactured before 2014. Nearly all vehicles with air conditioning manufactured since 1st January 2017 include the new R1234yf aircon gas which is more environmentally friendly. R1234yf gas was phased in by vehicle manufacturers over time so vehicles rolling off the production line between 2014 and 2016 could require either gas.
We recommend that you regas your car aircon system every two years with gas and lubricant, to keep it running efficiently. Over the year, your aircon gas escapes by about 10%. Regular servicing ensures that your system remains in tip-top condition and keeps you cool when it matters.
Please note that if a vehicle is presented and found to have no refrigerant in the system or a zero reading, then we are required by law to carry out an oxygen-free nitrogen pressure test at an additional £50+VAT.

If you would like to speak to someone about your aircon system you can contact us using our contact form.