Air Conditioning in Weston Super Mare

Book an Air Conditioning regas today at Weston Auto Services.

There are some common symptoms that your air conditioning system may be in need of a regas. These include:

  • • No cool air coming from the vents
  • • Windscreen taking too long to defog
  • • A strange smell coming from the air vents

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is recommended that you book your vehicle in for a regas, which you can now do at our garage in Weston Super Mare! Your vehicle's air conditioning uses a refrigerant that is integral in creating the cool air we all enjoy in the summer. Over time though this refrigerant will begin to leak from the system until the air conditioning stops working effectively.

At Weston Auto Services we now provided two types of air con gas. R1234yf refrigerant is the successor to the former R123 gas used in air conditioning units installed in vehicles. The R1234yf is the legally required gas for any vehicle registered from 2017 onwards in order to conform to current environmental legislation and has been adopted across Europe, Japan and the USA. You can now book this air con service online today.

Fortunately the process of regassing the system is a simple and relatively inexpensive process. It is generally recommended that you have your car air conditioning system regassed every two years.

Please note that if a vehicle is presented and found to have no refrigerant in the system, a zero reading, then we are required by law to carry out an oxygen-free nitrogen pressure test at an additional £50+VAT

You can book this service online using our booking system, alternatively you can contact us here to discuss this service further with one of our expert mechanics in Weston Super Mare.